1 - Go to Advanced feature and turn on Zepo Mobile site option.



Please find the whole process for linking mobile website through GODADDY below,


1.Go to Domains> Manage


2. Click on Domain name you want to update

3. Select DNS Zone File, and click on Add Record and Select C-Name 

4. Do the following changes and click on Finish


5. It will give an option to save the details. When you save the details, the new record  would be created and it will look like this.

This m site would be mobile responsive and would be based on Layout 5 Foppish theme.


Once domain is active and if anybody opens up the store on mobile as your-custom-domain.com, then it would redirect to m.your-custom-domain.com automatically.

If you've domain purchased in Big Rock/ Mitsu/ Domains n More, visit the following solutions page.