Blogs are an excellent way to connect to a targeted audience and also take your brand image to heights. Here is a brief on how you can create and link a blog on Zepo.

Creating a blog:

You can create a blog using a blog platform like blogger, or wordpress.

As such, creating your own blog should be free of cost, but this may vary depending on which platform you choose.

A free blog would however usually contain the name of the platform in the URL. For example: (this means that the blog is being hosted by the platform provider)

Incase you want to host the blog completely on your own domain and remove the name of the platform provider from the URL, resulting in your blog to exist as you would have to pay a certain amount to the platform provider.

Note: I suggest you to check out the popular blogging platform's pricing policy to understand more about what they offer and at what cost.

Linking a blog to your Zepo store:

Now once you have created the blog (irrespective of whether it is OR You can link this blog to your Zepo store by pasting the URL in your dashboard>manage>content>site elements>social footprints>the link to your blog.