How to schedule a reverse Pick-Up

1) What is a reverse Pick-Up

  • Reverse pickup is nothing but a normal pickup but from your customers end.
  • In a reverse pickup your customer will send you the consignment from his end.
  • Logistics company(Fedex, GATI ,etc.) will transfer the product from your customer to you
  • You will receive the consignment just like your customer receives the consignment in a normal pickup.

2) How it happens? 

1.Login to your AVN Dashboard.

2.Click on add consignment

3.Add the details of the pickup location(from where consignment has to be sent i.e. your customers location)

4.Add the details of the delivery location(your address)

5.Schedule the pickup

6.Download shipping labels(4 copies)

7.Paste one shipping label on the consignment

8.Other 3 shipping labels to be handed over to the pickup guy. 

9.The consignment will be transferred to your location by the courier company.      


3)Shipping Labels( 4 Labels)

  1.  1 shipping label has to pasted by the customer on the consignment
  2.  3 other shipping labels need to be handed over to the pick up guy.

4)The consignment would be delivered to you after the by the courier company