Step 1: Copy the below script  code(red) and paste in notepad to make the changes as shown below in the GIF images.


jQuery("#footersocialicons > ul li:last").after('<li class="instagram15"><a target="_self" href=""><img class="instaicon" src=""></a></li>');


 Changes to be made are as follows.

1: You need to replace the yellow highlighted part of the code with your Instagram page link.

To do this follow the below GIF image .

Step 2: After making the changes in the code copy and paste it in zepo dashboard>>settings>>advanced features>> third party Javascript code box and save it. 

Step 3: Please add the below code(red)  in addition to the above code to position the Instagram icon properly on your website. You have to just copy and paste the code to zepo dashboard>>settings>>advanced features>> third party meta tag code box. 





img.instaicon {

    margin-top: 10px;