What is Duplication Of Products

Duplication of products is nothing but creating a replica of the product with a different SKU Id.

Need For Duplication

Duplication is mainly done for the following reasons:

--To increase the Product Reach and Visibility.

--To showcase Products in different categories or subcategories.

--To make the end customer aware of the availability of a product in multiple sections.

What are Filters(Alternate Sorting)

Filter/multiple filters are used to categorize products in a systematic fashion as per the requirement of the end customer.Filters enables different parameters which eases the process of searching the products on the store.Filters restricts the number of products displayed on the store only to the values passed in the filter. Consider an example of Shoes as category wherein the different types of shoes like Walking,sports….etc are the subcategories.The following filters can be created.

Filter 1 - Ideal for

Filter 2-Price & Filter 3-Brand

Filter 4-Size


Important Things To Keep In Mind Before Creating Filters:

--Keep category names simple and straightforward

--Manage/List products accordingly under the filter values

Advantages of Filters/Multiple Filters

--If the category names are kept simple and filters are created accordingly,this would reduce the need of creating subcategories within a sub category. 

--It can be workaround for duplication of products with same SKU Id’s(except exceptional cases)

--It reduces the need of creating unwanted categories/sub categories

Duplication of products is very beneficial but at times may cause problems in inventory management because of same SKU Id’s.Also it may increase the number of unwanted categories and subcategories created on the store over which Multiple Filters can be considered.