Please add this code in 3rd Party JavaScript Section for displaying the Coupon Partners next to Quick Links in the footer of your store.


var html1 = '<div class="l5_couponpartners span3"><h4 class="txt13 mb10 text">COUPON PARTNERS</h4><div class="clear"></div><ul class="wd12 floatleft txt12 mr10"><li><a class="ellipsis text wd12" title="CupoNation" href=" " target="_blank">CupoNation</a></li><li><a class="ellipsis text wd12" title="OneIndia" href="" target="_blank">OneIndia</a></li><li><a class="ellipsis text wd12" title="HindustanTimes" href="" target="_blank">HindustanTimes</a></li><li><a class="ellipsis text wd12" title="NewIndianExpress" href="" target="_blank">NewIndianExpress</a></li></ul></div>';


The output of the code will look as shown in the image below. The Title "Coupon Partners" as well as sub-titles like "CupoNation", "OneIndia" etc. can be changed according to specific requirements by the store owners by making changes in the above code.