Below mentioned are document requirement from Payment gateway company:

1. Sole Proprietorship

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2. Partnership

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3. Private Limited

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Website Checklist

1.    Contact us page with Company name, Support phone number, support Email Id and Address

2.    Home Page should be available from all the pages

3.    About us (company legal name to be mentioned there along with a brief about company)

4.    Product/Service Pricing and Description

5.    Return, Refund and cancellation policy

6.    Shipping/Delivery policy

7.    Privacy Policy

8.    Terms & conditions and Disclaimer Policy

9.    Booking flow (complete transaction flow till the payment mode selection page)

10.  Login and Register Tab (Customer Registration process and guidelines)

11.  There should not be any dead/non-functional links, Beta Version, Coming Soon Banner, and Redirection to some other website Products/Services without pricing

12. Domain registration details on should be on your name and address.