This is a disclaimer that shall act to clarify the division of responsibilities in the tie-up between “M/s. ZEPO TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD” a Company registered under the Companies Act, 1956 Mumbai and having its Registered Office at 1602, C-4, LOK EVEREST TOWERS, MULUND WEST, MUMBAI – 400080 and AVN BUSINESS SOLUTIONS PVT LTD, situated at 114/115, Gomtesh Market, New Gulmandi Market Aurangabad - 431005, Maharashtra. This document defines the different responsibilities and specifies the parties liable for different in executing the processes involved in logistics, to ensure a better customer experience.

1. Purpose of the Disclaimer

To handle the logistics, Zepo Technologies and their clients are working with FedEx, Gati & Dot Zot Courier Companies. AVN Logistics is just a layer in the middle, which provides cost effective deals for Zepo and its clients. This disclaimer aims to clarify the fact that issues in logistics in India are sometimes inevitable, regardless of the Courier Company or Logistics Aggregator that Zepo and its clients tie up with.
FedEx, Gati and Dot Zot are the best logistics service providers in India, with years of experience in the field. However, since the logistics infrastructure in India is not up to the mark, Zepo Technologies and AVN Logistics have to work within limitations when dealing with our partners.
Operational issues of FedEx, Gati and DotZot will continue even if Zepo Technologies works with AVN Logistics or any other partner. They will continue even if Zepo works with these Courier Companies directly. These issues arise because of glitches in the work systems of the respective Courier Companies. Zepo Technologies and AVN Logistics cannot interfere with them in any way.
The reason why Zepo Technologies connects its clients to AVN Logistics is, because AVN Logistics has provided the best negotiated rates for Zepo’s clients. One cannot get such low rates even by opening a direct account with the Courier Companies.
By informing the clients of such issues in advance, Zepo Technologies aims to be transparent in its operations.

2. Clarification of Roles of Zepo, AVN Logistics and Courier Companies
In the interaction between Zepo Technologies Pvt Ltd and the client using the logistics service, AVN Logistics is the 3rd party Logistics Aggregator. AVN has tied-up with Courier Companies, namely FedEx, Gati and Dotzot to provide the logistics service to eCommerce stores that are availing the services of Zepo Technologies.
Zepo, AVN Logistics and the Courier Companies are 3 separate entities that have tied up to provide logistics assistance. Zepo plainly acts as the intermediary between the online store owner and the logistics service provider, and negotiates a cost-effective deal for the client. The services provided, however, are solely the responsibility and liability of the Courier Company.
Zepo resells the services of AVN, a Logistics Aggregator, just like a travel booking website resells the services of an airline company. In the case of the Zepo and AVN tie-up, all responsibility regarding the quality of service provided, lies with the Courier Company. Just like if the service on a flight is
unsatisfactory, the customer does not lodge a complaint with the travel website but holds the airline company responsible.Zepo resells the services of AVN on a zero-profit margin and does so solely on a good will basis to promote mutual growth with the client.

3. Checking Pickup Status of Orders

Once a client schedules a pickup, he is advised to check the pickup number from the AVN dashboard. The status of the pickup, however, can be clarified only by the Courier Company.
Logistics is India is still in its early phases, and approximately 5-7% of the pickups are not completed on time. This is common among all major Courier Companies across India. That is why, to give the client more options, Zepo provides tie-ups with multiple Courier Companies. The client can pick the Courier Company that best satisfies his requirements.

4. Shipment Delivery Delays

In case the Courier Company fails to deliver the package within the expected deliver time set beforehand, the client can raise the issue with the respective Courier Company or AVN.
Only the Courier Company or AVN can provide the reason for the delay.
4.1 Delivery Exception
 An exception occurs when a package is temporarily delayed while in transit. Every effort is made to deliver every package as soon as possible, so an exception does not necessarily denote a late shipment. The status exception explains the most recent exception in the scan activity section.
 The term "PMX" refers to a p.m. exception, when a shipment is returned to a delivery station for the night because it was undeliverable during the courier's route. Such a delivery exception may occur because the package was incorrectly addressed, a recipient was unavailable, etc. In many cases, delivery is re-attempted the next day.

5. Remittance Cycles

Payments of bills & reimbursement shall be as follows:
 For the consignment delivered between 1st and 15th of a month, bills will be settled in next 30 days i.e. before 15th of next month.
 For the consignment delivered between 15th and 31st of a month, bills will be settled in next 30 days i.e. before 30th of next month

6. Shipment Refusals, Failed Deliveries and Returns

6.1 Refusals
In the event of an end the customer refusing the shipment, the consignment will be shipped back to the client. The client shall be charged the shipping charges for 2 sides – to the end customer, and then back to the client.
The time taken to return the shipment will be 10-15 days, depending upon the Zone. The time taken to return the shipment could be longer, because the parcel is kept for 7 days at the warehouse. After that, it goes to the original account holder, i.e. AVN. Only then is the shipment returned to the client.
6.2 Return In Case of Failed Deliveries
The Courier Company attempts to deliver any product 3 times during a period of maximum 7 days. If all 3 attempts to deliver fail, the package is returned to the client. The Courier Company or Logistics Aggregator will not inform the client in case of a return. The client is advised to keep a track of the consignment until it is delivered back to them.
6.3 Returns by End Customers
In case the end customer wants to return the shipment, the client is requested to schedule the pickup from the customer’s address. While generating the pickup, the client is required to mention the customer’s address as the pickup address. The client’s address should be mentioned as the shipping/delivery address.
Once the shipping label is generated, the client is requested to mail it to the end customer. The customer is required to take a printout of the same and hand it over to the pickup guy along with the consignment.
The consignment will then be shipped to the client from the customer’s address.

7. Delivery to Incorrect Address

The chances of an incorrect delivery is usually less than 2%. In the event of an incorrect delivery, the client is requested to write to to direct it to the right location. The Courier Company will deliver the consignment at no extra cost.

8. Insurance Claims

To claim the insurance on any product, the client is requested to write to or to start the process of claiming the insurance.
There is a possibility of breakage of fragile item while it is being shipped. The client is requested to keep the following points in mind while shipping such items:
 Proper packaging material should be used to ensure the safety of such items.
 On delivery, the end customer should be asked to check the product in front of the courier delivery guy to ensure the condition of the product.
 The customer should be asked to not accept the product if it is not in good condition. They should be requested to take a snapshot of the same and send it to the client, so as to have a proof of the same.
 The client should direct the customer to receive the product only after checking the condition. If a damaged product is accepted by the end customer, the insurance claim shall not be entertained later.

9. COD Remittance Reports

A client can always check the status of COD Remittance Reports by logging in to the AVN Dashboard. However, the client is advised to maintain an Excel sheet with himself. The client is requested to keep a track of all the delivered orders, along with their Tracking Numbers, in this Excel sheet. This is to assist them in cross verifying the report shared with them at the time of bill collection.

10. Shipping Forms

While shipping interstate, the client is requested to fill up all the necessary forms and attach them with the consignment. Without the Sales Form, the consignment will not be delivered and will be stuck in transit.
Find all the forms required while shipping products here.
11. Volumetric Weight

The volumetric weight of any consignment is calculated by using the following formula.
For Air Delivery: (Length * Breadth* Height) / 5000.
For Surface Delivery: (Length * Breadth* Height) / 4750
The length, breadth and height of the consignment are calculated in centimetres.

12. Shipment Status 

Once a shipment is dispatched, the client can track the status of the shipment by using the Tracking/Docket Number.
On the ZePOST dashboard, once the order is dispatched, the client can see the status of consignment in the ‘Dispatched’ section.
To check the detailed status, the client is requested to visit the respective Courier Company’s website.

13. Escalation of Queries

If a client is not satisfied with the service provided by the Courier Company, he is requested to escalate the issue with AVN Logistics.
Email ID:
Phone No: 9665706060
If a client is not satisfied with the response provided by AVN Logistics, he can escalate the issue with Zepo.
Email ID:
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Support Number: 9223583358

Unfortunately, in 90% of the cases, Zepo Technologies would not be able to offer much assistance as it cannot interfere in the operations of the Courier Company. Still, Zepo will take up the query on the client’s behalf and request action from our partners.

14. Contact Numbers

The client is required to contact the Courier Company or AVN Logistics to resolve most of their logistics related queries. Following are the contact numbers for all the concerned parties.
AVN Logistics: 9665706060
FedEx: 1800 209 6161 (Working Hours: 9 AM - 9 PM)
Gati: 1800 180 4284 (Working Hours: 9 AM - 9 PM)