We have some great news for all Zepo store owners. You might already know about Zepo’s new logistics tie-up with AVN Logistics. But that is not all! We’re stoked to announce that the dashboard integration of the AVN Logistics for all Zepo customers is soon going to be up and running. Now you can schedule pickups and deliver your goods to over 8000 pincodes in India, from the comfort of your Zepo dashboard!

In this post, we explain how easy it is to schedule a pickup using AVN Logistics. All it takes to ship your orders across the world is a few clicks. Follow these simple steps to schedule a pickup and see for yourself!

1. Select an Order

Navigate to the ‘Received Orders’ on your dashboard to select the order for which you want to schedule a pickup. Under the ‘Actions’ column, select the green icon and click on ‘Schedule a pick-up using AVN Logistics’.

2. Fill the Details

In the pop up, make sure all the entries are filled correctly. Enter the shipment details and continue using the ‘Schedule a Pick-Up now’ button at the bottom.

Calculate Your Shipping rates in real time

Looking to find out the exact shipping rate before scheduling a pickup? With the new ZePOST, you can check the shipping rate applicable on your shipment on a real time basis. The rates are calculated based on the shipment weight and shipping address. Also, shipping charge break is also displayed.

How: At the time of scheduling a pickup, enter the shipment details and click on 'Calculate Rate'.

Choose Air or Surface Delivery

Know Expected Pickup Date well in Advance

Now, while scheduling a pickup, you will be able to see the pickup date and courier company to which the consignment has been assigned. Better clarity and prior information makes for an easier shipping experience! This is shown in your dashboard under ‘Shipment Details’, while entering the courier details.

Get Dispatch added Automatically

Tired of manually adding the tracking numbers to track your orders? Now, once you schedule a pickup using ZePOST and move it to the Dispatched section, the system will automatically fetch and add the tracking number to your order details from the shipping label. Tracking your orders became a whole lot easier!

3. Generate your Shipping Label in one Second

4. Download and Print Labels

Once the labels are ready, you can download them from the dashboard itself. Just click on the ‘Download & Mark as Dispatched’ button and download the labels that you want to print. You need to provide the labels to the courier pickup guy.

5. Mark the Order as Dispatched

Once the courier pickup is complete, you can mark the order as dispatched using the ‘Download and Mark as Dispatched’ button. Once this is done, the order is moved to the Dispatched Orders list.