Invitereferrals is a simple tool to design and launch customer referral campaign. It allows the site customers/visitors to invite friends via multiple social channels like Facebook, twitter, email, Linkedin, Google+ etc. Invitereferrals tracks each invite, site visit and goal conversion to reward customers

In order to integrate Invite Referrals on your store, Please follow the below steps after logging in to your store. 

1.Go to

2. Click on get started for free.

3. Enter the details and click on Sign up.

4. Enter the Basic information.

 5. Now Select which Campaign You want to create.

6. Now just scroll down till website Integration and Copy the Brand ID and Encrypted Key. 

7. Now head over to Settings>Advanced Features>Invite Referrals and Paste the Brand Id and Encrypted key as shown below.

And it is Done!!!

This is how it appears on your site