This Social Rewards app helps you increase customer engagement by rewarding certain social actions.

 1. Increase brand loyalty

 2. Lower shopping cart abandonment

 3. Avoid paying affiliate Commission

Please follow these steps to integrate Add Shoppers to your ZEPO Store:

1. Go to Click "Get Started Free".

2. You will now be redirected to Add Shoppers website. Enter your Email and password and click "Create Free Account"

3. You will be directed to the Sign-Up page now. Enter your Email-Id, Name, Phone Number and Domain. Select the Category from the drop-down list and click "Add Your First Site"

4. You will be directed to a page having many codes as shown below:

5. Copy the ID which can be obtained in-between the shared code as shown below:

6. Paste this code in your ZEPO Dashboard under Settings > Advanced Features > AddShoppers. Click SAVE.

7. The integration is done!! You can check the App on the check-out page as shown below: