1) To set up google analytics account, head over to your dashboard>settings>advanced features>google analytics> turn on> now click on the link that says google analytics

2) Once you are at the google analytics page >sign in with your google account (Gmail). After this is done, sing up for google analytics.


3) Now you will have to enter the required  details


4) Now you can select Indian time zone and select accept terms and conditions

5) Now you will be taken to the page where you can see the basic details. Copy the tracking ID from here and paste it inside the Zepo dashboard against google analytics(after turning it on)


Your google analytics is now set up.


To additionally enable E-commerce tracking (for offer grid support etc) follow the below steps:

1) Click on the back button


2) now click on the back button and then go to view settings tab.

3) Now change the currency to INR and save it.

4) Now go to Ecommerce settings>> turn on "Enable E-commerce">> click on next step and submit.