You can control what products are shown in the You May Also Like section of your store. Although the products are picked up by an algorithm, you can control the algorithm by keeping in mind the following factors:

A. Include similar keywords for similar products

Example: Include the keyword “Custom T-Shirts” for all t-shirts that have customization options enabled on your store.

B. Closely sub-categorize your products under a broader product category

Example: Sub-categorize “Round Neck T-Shirts”, “Printed T-Shirts”, “Custom T-Shirts”, etc. under the same “T-Shirt” category

C. Add products to relevant product categories to enhance the You May Also Like section

Example: Categorize all T-Shirts under category and Shirts in another category

D. Enable Alternate Sorting on your store

Example: Allow Alternate Sorting on your products like Color, Brands, etc. to closely match the results shown in the You May Also Like section