Follow the steps below to create your email id on Domains ‘n More.


Step 1: Login to Your DNS Provider’s dashboard. In our case, we are working with


Step 2: Select the domain name for which you need to setup custom email ids, from the List/Search Orders page and then click on your Domain name.

Step 3: On the Manage Orders page, hit the Manage Email tab, which will redirect you to the right page to setup your email id.

Step 4: In the pop-up that appears, just click on “Add New User” to go on.

Step 5: Enter all the required information in the fields below. And hit “Add User” in the end.

Step 6: And you are done! No, seriously. That was it. You can create more email ids like that, say or, etc. for your brand.

Step 7: Finally, to keep a tab on the mails and reply accordingly, you will need to login using the WebMail URL that is shown to you in the step below, along with your email id and password.