We can now use Google Tag manager to track your Sales through Affiliates. 

It is for stores who

- want to work with custom affiliate like Icubewires or smartclues which are not integrated on Zepo Platform

- want to run affiliate program for their customers like Postaffiliatepro.

Below are the integration steps.

a) Go to http://www.google.co.in/tagmanager/ and sign up for Google Tag manager.

b) Create a new account as your Website name.

c) Setup a container as below

d) You would get Container Code to be added on Thank you page of your Store. Copy below code as shown.

e) Go to your Zepo dashboard --> Settings --> Advanced feature --> Third party Javascript(Thank you page) and copy the above code below.

f) Now is the time to create Order ID and Total Amount Variables in Google Tag manager. This variables you can then use in your Affiliate Tracking Code.

Click on Macros as below. 

You would see "Create New Macro" as below

Choose Macro Type as "Data Layer Variable"

Create Macro as "orderID"

Create Macro as "totalAmount"

g) Now is the Time to add your Custom code in Google Tag manager container.

Suppose you get below code from your Affiliate partner.

 <img src="http://affiliates.icubeswire.com/i_track_sale/123/Total-Amount/Order-ID">

Use Placeholder for Total-amount as {{totalAmount}}

Use Placeholder for Order-Id as {{orderID}}

So you would get below code

 <img src="http://affiliates.icubeswire.com/i_track_sale/123/{{totalAmount}}/{{orderID}}">


g) Click on Add under the Firing rules.

h) check All pages.

i) Once you save your Custom HTML tag, publish the same as below.