Use Fancybox to show Images on the Store as shown below. You can use it to show Deals, Offers, New Arrival, Free shipping etc

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Below is the sample example code.

Step 1: 

a) Define Element ID as Red color below. You can use any name you want. But it has to be same through out the code.

b) Add Image that opens in Popup as Yellow Color below.

c) Add Image that gets displayed on the store as Blue color below.

d) Just add below code then.

IF on layout 5, use .midbg instead of #storebg as below.


//Define Element id as "artist" 

$j('#storebg').before('<div id="artist"><a href=""><img src=""></a></div>');

//Define transition effect and link the transition to above element "artist"

 $j("#artist a").fancybox({ 



  'speedIn' :600,

  'speedOut' :100,


  'width' : 900,

  'height': 600,

  'hideOnContentClick': true



Step 2: Then define the position of your above element on the left section using below Css.


 #artist {

    top: 65%;

    position: absolute;

    width: 10%;



Please add the code in Settings --> Advanced Feature --> Third party Javascript