No one advertises better for a company than a satisfied customer. So why not use yourhappy customers to spread word about your store? Exactly! Use your customers to share their love for your store, to their social circle. And whenever they do, make sure to reward them for it!

Presenting to you the Baggout App for your Zepo store. Get your customers to share their purchases on Facebook in order to get Rs 50 cashback on their purchase. This cashback is availed only on the first share made by a customer. The amount is sponsored by Baggout themselves. This app appears on the ‘Thank You’ page, once a customer completes his purchase from you.

Baggout Zepo

Here is how you can integrate this app on your Zepo store:

1) Login to your Zepo account

Login to your Zepo account by using your credentials.

Zepo Login

 2) Navigate to Advanced Features

On your dashboard, go to the ‘Setting’ option. From the dropdown, select ‘Advanced Features’.

Advanced Features Zepo

3) Activate Baggout

Scroll down to find the Baggout App. You can turn it on using the bar on the left side.

Activate Baggout App

That’s it! You’ve successfully integrated the Baggout app to your Zepo store. Easy, isn’t it? So don’t wait anymore! Integrate Baggout on your Zepo store now and let your customers talk good about you on their social networks. Marketing your website just got easier.