Does just one image in your banner not do justice to your brand? Would you want to have more images in a single banner? Collage banners let you showcase multiple products under one banner. So you can have multiple such banners showcasing the best of your products.

One of our clients, Bliss Store has some great banners. This tutorial will help you create such banners for your online store.

There is a super easy way to create amazing collages of your products, to be used as banners on your Zepo store.

And so, we have written for you a step-by-step tutorial on how you can create super awesome collage banners for your Zepo store. :)

1. Download and install Picasa on your PC.

2. Double click the Picasa icon on your desktop to launch Picasa. You should see the main Picasa window, as in the screenshot below. 


3. Now we need to add all your product images to Picasa. To do this, go to the Picasa main menu at the top, and click File » Add Folder to Picasa.

4. This will open up a Folder Manager box. Navigate to the folder which has all your product pics, and select it. In my case it was the folder “Jewellery”. Also select the “Scan Always” radio button to the right, inside the Folder Manager box , and Click OK. See screenshot below.

 5. You should now see the folder (highlighted) you added in the Picasa Folder View on the left, and all the images in that folder in the main window. Currently, there are 6 different images in the Jewellery folder. See screenshot below.

6. Now here comes the cool part. Just select all the images that you want to create a collage with. We wanted to create a collage with all the images in our Jewellery folder, so we selected all images. Note the blue line along the border.

See screenshot below.


7. Once selection is done, you want to go on to creating your collage. That can be done by clicking the Create Photo Collage option right under the name of your folder. See screenshot below. (The red arrow towards the option button)

Or you can go to the main menu on top and click Create » Picture Collage.


8. Once you click that option, you can see the following screenshot.


The Picture Pile layout is the default layout for all collages that you create. And the default aspect ratio for this collage is 16:9: HDTV.

9. You can create the collage according to the banner size on your Zepo store. The 2 different banner sizes on your Zepo store are 740*300 pixels or 940*300 pixels. The size of your collage banner can be changed in the Page Format drop down provided on the left. (Marked with a red arrow).


10. When you click on “Add Custom Aspect Ratio”, you should get the following dialog box. Input the dimensions of the collage banner you want to create. We will create a collage banner of size 940*300 pixels under the name of Jewellery Collage Banner.


And then the collage would look something like this. 


11. Continuing ahead, you can change the layout of your collage in from the top left corner drop down box (marked with a red arrow). Go ahead and explore all the layouts, and chose the one that is best to your liking. 


12. We will choose the Mosaic layout for our collage banner. There are various options given to you on screen. Like, you can shuffle your pictures around (marked with a blue arrow) for which image suits best where. Or you yourself can drag and drop images around.


13. Once you are satisfied with your collage banner, you click on Create Collage button on the left hand side (marked with a blue arrow), to save the collage as a .JPG image. It gets saved in Pictures » Picasa » Collages.


14. Once your collage banner is ready, you can go ahead and upload it on your Zepo store through your dashboard.

We uploaded this banner on our Demo store, after a few simple edits on Picassa. Here is how the end result looks like.

So go ahead. Create one for your store today. Happy collaging!