In this new stock module we have came up with new features so that you can better manage your stock.

1) Display order of your products on your store: You can choose display order of your products on your category pages. You can choose which product should come first and so on.

2) Downloading of stock data Category wise: You can download stock data from particular category as well as all categories.

3) Sorting of stock by latest added or oldest first, by Quantity left, by quantity sold.

4) Filtering of your stock: You can filter your stock by whether they are featured or not, by category or subcategory, by status whether they are enabled, disabled or enquiry only.

5) Quick Add your product: You can quickly add any product by choosing minimum required fields like Image, Product name, Category, Sub-Category, Price, Status and Quantity.

6) Bulk Action: Changing Category: You can now move your stock from one category to other at one go.

7) Bulk Action: Deleting Mulitple stocks: You can delete multiple stock at one go.

10) Bulk Action: Restrict COD: You can restric COD on multiple stock at one go.

11) Bulk Action: Duplicate Muliple products: You can duplicate multiple products at one go.

12) Bulk Action: Change Product Status: You can change status of multiple products at one go.

13) Alert Emails: When your stock reaches a minimum quantity or they are out of stock – You would receive an email alert for the same.