In this new Order module we have came up with new features so that you can better manage your orders.

1) Sorting by Date : You can now sort all the orders according to Latest first or oldest first.

2) Filtering of orders: You can now filter your orders by payment mode, order stage. For example, you want to see only COD orders which are in received stage, you can do that.

3) Search within the order: You can now search in the orders direcly using order number, customer name or product name.

4) Moving of orders across the stage: Now you can move your orders across the stages. For example, if you have dispatched your order and customer have returned it, now you can take back the order. You can now move this order back to received stage or cancel stage.

5) Downloading of Order data across stage: You can download the order data in excel form from all the stages of your order.

6) Printing of your invoice: You can print and download your invoice from all the stages of your order.

7) New Invoice format: We have new professional invoice format. This includes an option to give custom invoice number and also VAT/Sales Tax calculation

8) Custom Invoice Number: You can now give your own custom invoice number while printing of your invoice.

9) Tax Break-up: You can now show VAT/CST on your invoice to your customers.

10) Comment: You can add comments to your orders.

11) Alert messages: Whenever your receive new order or enquiry on your store, you will receive a alerts in the dashboard.

12) View Entire order history: You can view entire order history at one go.