So your website is under construction and it’ll be a while before you launch. But your promotions have started and the word-of-mouth about your awesome store is spreading! How do you keep a check on the enthusiasm? And ensure that the people coming to your website while it is under construction are notified when you go live?

There is an easy way out, if you will. All you need are 3 simple steps and you will be able to collect information of all your beautiful customers when they flock to your store while it is under construction. Just put up a fantastic welcome page notifying your customers that your online store is getting ready and collect information from right there. 

So here’s what you need to do.

On your Zepo dashboard:

1. Log in to your online store dashboard.

2. Head on to the Advanced Features page and switch on the ManyContacts feature.

3. Move to “Design my Store” section next. And turn off the Menu Box in the Welcome Page section.


4. And you are all set to not miss even a single customer while you are away setting up your store.

Welcome Page Many Contacts BarTry it on then! And do tell us in the comments below if you can find more creative ways to show that your online store is under construction. All the best!