Email sign-up pop-ups are probably one of the best ways to increase your email subscribers. It is an essential tool for store owners like you to get across your content to your customers who are interested in your brand, by way of newsletters

And also a great tool to acquire new customers by keeping your visitors updated about your brand, including new product ranges, ongoing sales or just styling tips. Although a word of caution, restrict how often you reach out to your customers to once a week or once a fortnight. You don’t want to unnecessarily spam their inboxes. 

You can create email sign-up forms, such as this, for your Zepo powered online store too.


Here are the steps to create one for your store. 

1. Login if you already have a MailChimp Account or Sign Up for a new one. Sign Up on MailChimp

2. On your MailChimp dashboard, navigate to the Lists page from the right side. 

You will need to create a list on MailChimp to collect all the email ids of your subscribers. If you haven’t created a list already, you can create one now, using Create List. As you can see, we have already created a list called “Online Store PopUp Subscription”.

3. As you can see, we have already created a list called “Online Store Subscription”. Moving on to creating a subscription form for this list. Click on the Drop Down menu at the right hand corner of the list box click on “Signup Forms”.

4. Once on the Signup Forms Page, choose “Embedded Forms” to create the subscription form for your online store.

5. So this is how the page looks like. The area inside the orange box shows you a preview of how the subscription box will look like on your store. You have the liberty to edit the form according to your choice.

6. To edit the form, use the “Form Options” on the left side. Write your own title for the form. For ex: “Get the Latest News!”. Make sure you keep it short and not write a very long sentence.

Leave the “Set Form Width” column blank. The form’s width will readjust itself according to the theme you are using for your online store. You can also add new fields by clicking on the “form builder” button under “Form Options”. Once you add the fields, you can come back to the previous screen by clicking the back button on your web browser.

7. Once you are satisfied with the way it looks, copy the code in the orange box on the right side. This needs to be embedded on your Zepo store.

8. Head onto your Zepo Dashboard, and under “Advanced Settings”, go to the “MailChimp Subscription widget” feature. Paste the code you copied into the text box on the left hand side and click Save Settings.