Steps on Lexity:

1. Go to Lexity and create an account for yourself and your brand’s online store.

From the dropdown for Select your Store Platform, select “Others” and proceed further with entering your email id, password and store URL.

2. There are just 2 steps going forward. Click on Continue on this page.


3. Once you are on the page, go to the Code Box and scroll down till you see this particular line of code: s.src =

When you reach that line, copy the alpha-numeric part of the line from the end, as highlighted below. Paste the code into a notepad file, so you don’t misplace it.

On your Zepo dashboard:

1. Now login to your Zepo dashboard.

2. Navigate to the Advanced Features page from under Settings. And locate the Lexity app at No. 6.

3. Switch on the app and paste the code you have in your notepad file.

4. Hit Save settings and you are good to go.