Now that you have received your Merchant ID and Salt Key, the integration is just a couple of minutes away!

Please follow the below steps to integrate the payment gateway on to your Zepo store. 

1. Log in to your Zepo dashboard.

2. Go to settings -> payment options.

3. Click on Indian payment gateways -> turn on.

4. Select the payment gateway.

5. Enter your store name in account name. 

6. Enter Merchant ID in Account Id.

7. Enter Salt Key in Secret/Salt Key. 

8. Execution Mode-> live.

9. Click Update.


Your payment gateway integration is done!


Please upload a dummy product worth Rs. 2 and perform a full transaction to check if it is working.


NOTE: Do not have any <space> before or after the Merchant ID and Salt Key.

NOTE: Do not share your Zepo Login ID and Password with any non-Zepo team member.


Congratulations and happy selling! :-)