Along with your Search Engine optimized store, there are more ways to attract the online crowd to your store. So next up in the series of internet marketing gyaan, we bring to you, Off page SEO.

For all those wondering, What in the name of god is Off page SEO? Well, there are two types of Search Engine Optimization. First is, On Page SEO which is the optimization done on your web page and the next one is –   Off Page SEO which is text and inbound links from other web pages to your site’s pages.

Ever notice how with higher ad circulation and views, the footfalls to your store goes up, similarly, a website with more links directed to it from industry peer sites gets a higher page rank and so dominates the search results.

So how does Off Page SEO technique help grow your online business? It offers two vital aspects which any online seller would die for.

1-Credibility: More than anything else, Off page SEO techniques lend huge credibility to your Online store. Search engines nowadays have increasingly penalized sites with spam inbound links from dummy sites. So links coming in from a trusted popular website carries more weight-age for page ranking. This is true not just for the Search engines but also for potential clients. When people see links from quite a few sources, they are more likely to check your site than the rest.

2-Traffic: The best part is obviously the traffic generated by off page SEO techniques. With inbound links from multiple sources, your page rank increases. Also links from popular forums, blogs and websites create a lot of buzz among the online aam-aadmi and they won’t be able to resist the temptation to check you out!

And we all know 1+ 2= Sales!! :D

So we at Zepo have come up with these amazing Off Page SEO tips and tricks to help boost the traffic to your site.

1) Join forums related to E-Commerce

  • Share your experience,
  • Encourage feedback,
  • Showcase your expertise in the field and be active.

Forums allow signature links which you can use to leave your mark. Both the search engine and public eyeballs can be grabbed by these.

2) Create a company blog

  • Write creative content using appropriate keywords,
  • Update the contents frequently,
  • Engage in dialogs, be prompt in your replies and ofcourse honest,
  • Generate interest among the readers,
  • Leave a comment in other blogs relevant to your ecommerce site or ask the bloggers to  do a review of your website!

You can also do peer review or guest blogging in any of the relevant business review sites or blogs.

3) Join the Social Media bandwagon

  • Create your company page,
  • Share latest features, products news among friends and promote.

This media generates a huge buzz and the linkages will increase the page rankings as well.

4) Start Social Bookmarking

  • Use Social bookmarking sites like Reddit,StumbleUpon and the likes which allows you to bookmark your favorite content,images or products.
  • Promote not just your posts or pages but do it for interesting pages and topics relevant to your industry like ecommerce- this builds trust and reputation
  • Use tools like Social Poster or Social Marker to bookmark your website throughout the social book marking sites.

Search engines results lean in favor of sites with more credible bookmarks under them.

5) Make cool and creative videos

  • Showcasing your website,  
  • Of your opinion on a topic,
  • About your product reviews  

and put them up on Video sharing sites like Youtube.

This makes your brand look much more humane and livelier and you can use the signature spaces to link your site and advertise.

Lastly if you are willing to pay, go for paid ads, paid reviews on online magazines, partner with industry bloggers to promote your ecommerce site. So keep things legit and explore the full capacity of this truly fruitful technique to generate organic traffic.