With regards to your online store, there are 2 types of costs that you should consider:

1. Towards Zepo Online Store: We take care of the complete maintenance, continuous up-gradation & hosting of your online portal.

2. Towards PayU or any other Payment Gateway: They assign a payment gateway A/C to you & take care of processing your online payments to your Bank A/C

We can further bifurcate these costs into 2 types:

A. Variable Cost = 3%

3% TDR - Payment Gateway transaction charges

(PayU charges you a small transaction fee for every payment that you process on your store)

B. Fixed Cost (per month) = Rs. 1999 per month( considering starter as the most common plan)

if you go for an annual subscription, you get a 20% discount

So monthly fee becomes Rs. 1599 (Rs. 400 off)

Rs. 1599 X 12 months = Rs. 19,198 towards Zepo

* Payment gateway charges are exclusive of 12% service tax

* Zepo charges are inclusive of service tax

To sum it up - The Total Charges you bear:

Rs. 19,198 - towards Zepo

Upto 3% per transaction - towards Payment gateway as TDR

No AMC is paid for the Payment Gateway

P.S. The Payment Gateway Set-up Fee and AMC are completely waived off by Zepo.

And you only have to pay the TDR% i.e. Transaction Discount Rate.