@ ZEPO Couriers Include All Taxes and Advancement fees while ordering a product for end Customers


After the introduction of entry taxes and advancement fees for the same by the States and courier companies respectively, It is highly expensive to Continue selling through e-commerce. High advancement fees charged by courier partners are unacceptable where average selling price of our product is Rs.500. Therefore I request you to include a feature through which we can put these charges on end customers (based on their pin codes) and which can be seen before placing the order on our websites. 

I think this is a major threat to most of the sellers on Zepo stores, therefore requires immediate action.

Please Find attached Image from Dainik Bhaskar  Newspaper dated 05/06/16 Bhopal issue in which a solution to this problem is suggested and can be very useful to address such issues.


Gourav Jain

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