Page Count For Products not Required.


I am using layout 6, i want no page count limit for sub categories.

For Example;-

if i have 500 products in my sub category than Currently customer has to view all the pages one by one,

 i want this facilty in scroll so that customer all 500 products on one page by scrolling.

Plese look into this matter as soon as possible.



Please implement this feature asap

Hi Ankur,

All layouts have are built in different manner and have different features and functionalities.The feature that you are looking for is available on Layout 1-5. 

layout 6-8 does not have this feature.

Best Regards,

Team Zepo.

Please avail this feature for 6-8 layout also.

change the functinality & manner of layout, as  page count for 6-8 layout is major problem.

So do the needful ASAP.


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