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App Only Coupons

Hi Team,

I wanted to build the Android & iOS app for my estore via Zepo. The only thing that is currently stopping me from doing so is unavailability of App Only Coupons. Currently, Zepo does not have a feature of setting up coupons which can only be redeemed by the users on the App & not on the desktop/mobile site.

An App Only Coupon is an essential requirement for any estore to entice its users to download the app. Without this feature, the conversions on ad spending for our app installs will also be very low & will not make monetary sense. Can you please discuss this internally and advise on if & when can this feature be implemented.

I would love to have the Andriod & iOS app built for my estore once this feature is live.



Hi Kunal,

Thank you for the valuable feedback.We have currently kept this feature on hold.We will notify you as soon as this feature is taken into consideration.

Best Regards,

Team Zepo.

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