Shipping policy

Shipping policy configuration needs to be more flexible and ability to set at individual product level is required.

Please consider below business scenarios:-

1) We want to ship some products PAN India but some products limited to few pin codes. Right now we can only set up pin codes for entire store and not for individual product. We need the ability to set pin code at individual product level also and if set should override the entire store value for that product.

2) We want options to use more than one shipping rate options for products, right now we can only select one shipping rate policy and it will apply to entire store. If we want to setup shipping cost of some products individually, and for some we want to use weight based shipping rate on complete order, there is no option available right now.

We believe that these are very basic business scenarios and should be delivered as priority and looking forward to hearing from you on this.

Hi Team,

Thank you for the feedback.We have noted these features.We will notify you as soon as these features are implemented on our platform.

Best Regards,

Team Zepo.

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