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User Dash board

Can we have users to access the dashboard from multiple location with different login rights. Can we restrict the menus in dashboard as per the responsibilities allocated to each user?? to manage invoicing, manage logistics, stock updation, etc. 

Further, if we have following simple features: -

- of linking the vendor id with product id and 

- option to define the roles and 

- an approval module and

- Multiple address drop down option like you already have while scheduling shipping

then we can convert this site to a market place website as well (in limited way).

Today small organisations looking for scalability must have this options to avoid mischief with the data by our employees.

Why products cant be updated from Ipad / Tab??

Hope u agree.


Hi Jinesh,

Thank you for your valuable feedback.Currently we have kept this Feature Request on hold.However we value your gesture and will notify you whenever this Feature Request will be taken into consideration. Sorry for the inconvenience caused

Thank You!

Best Regards,

Team Zepo.

Hi Anish,

This is very important feature.

Any organisation will require user based access rights to manage their orders, print invoices, marketing and many more.

To maintain Security one has to segregate the duties based on the roles assigned to sensible responsible person based on his skills.

Kindly consider this and provide atleast reasonable user based rights. 

I am sure your stores will be facing this problem.. You may run a campaign and do voting if required.

Hope u consider our request..




Hi Jinesh,

This feature requires huge overhaul of the entire architecture of the dashboard,However we have noted down this feature request and will try to implement this feature on our platform in the near future.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Team Zepo.

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