Automatic number increment for Invoice Number

Since the legal system in India says that the taxes are to be paid according to the invoice generated in serial order (see page number 25 of the attached file), so it is very important that an option should be given to set the starting number of the invoice and afterwards it should automatically increment by one and generate the invoice. It is not possible everytime to remember the serial number of the previous invoice and then edit it manually. Also, there must be a simultaneous option (like it is present now) to manually edit the invoice number and afterwards it should again increment on its own.

It is extremely important for any registered firm in India for filing the Income Tax Return.

Kindly consider implementing this feature at priority basis.

Thank you. 

Hi Akshun,

Thank you for your valuable feedback.This Feature Request has been noted.We will try to implement this feature in the updates to come in the near future. 

Thank You! 


Team Zepo.

Our Tax department has asked for the exact same thing - we need to have invoices starting with 1 and moving up sequentially.  Otherwise, not able to file monthly Tax returns.  This is a Critical Issue - Please address immediately.

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