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Option to Add extra delivery charges on Fix Time Delivery.

Hi Team,

As in our business model. We need to provide customer with option to choose Fix Date of Delivery along with Time. We request you to add a feature where a customer is bound to pay extra when he chooses fix time delivery along with the date.

For Example: In Current situation if a customer wish to place an order on our website and chooses MIDNIGHT delivery from Delivery Time option, he is still liable to pay the basic bill amount only but for merchants providing MIDNIGHT delivery is a special service and eligible for extra charges.

Please consider this feature crucial for our business model.


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Sorry for the inconvenience caused.Thank you for your valuable feedback.Currently we have kept this Feature Request on hold.However we value your gesture and will notify you whenever this Feature Request will be taken into consideration.

Thank You!

Best Regards,

Team Zepo.

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