Minimun Shipping Charges

I would like to request you to add the 'Minimun Shipping Charges' feature on your zepo dashboard because it is a feature without which my website goes unviable. I am selling products which have range from Rs. 90 to Rs. 5,000 and weights vary from 100 grams to 70 kgs or maybe more in near future.

So, it is not possible for me to add:

1. Flat shipping rate for every product,

2. Product based shipping rate ,

3. Weight based shipping charges,

4. Free Shipping on orders above a particular amount,

5. Or, Single shipping rate for each order

For proper explanation of my problem I am giving examples of all these cases:

1. If a person orders a single Rs. 100 product so it would not be possible for me to ship it at same price as I would ship if he orders 10nos. of Rs. 100 product because the weight and courier charges drastically changes.

2. If i charge Rs. 10 shipping charge on a product of Rs. 100, so it would not be possible for me to ship this product from North India to South India in just Rs. 10. And if I increase these charges to Rs. 70, then it would not be advisable to charge Rs. 700 from the customer for 10nos. of Rs. 100 product.

3. Weight of my product is not constant. It widely varies according to the demand of customer. I sell cardboard cartons and quality of cartons varies largely. A Rs. 20 box may be developed for Rs. 100 by using different material.

4. Free shipping is just not possible because it would not be possible to ship Corrugated Roll worth Rs. 1,000 whose Volumetric Weight comes out to be 70 kg, for free.

5. My product range varies so widely that single shipping rate is impossible because my products vary from 100 grams to 70 kgs and its just not possible.

It is my request to consider 'Minimum Shipping Charges' feature and add it at the earliest because now a days it is needed by most of the e-commece websites and the other competitiors of Zepo are providing this feature even in their most basic package.

Thank you.


Akshun Bharat

Hi Akshun, 

Thank you for your valuable feedback.This Feature Request has already been planned but has been deferred and should be implemented in the updates to come in a couple of months.  

Thank You! 


Team Zepo.

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