Location based shipping

Suppose you are based out of Mumbai and you get two orders on your store; one from Mumbai itself and another from Delhi. Naturally, the shipping rates incurred by you for both the orders would be different but in the current system you can charge same shipping rates for both the orders. 

With this feature you can charge customers for shipping on the basis of his location, rather having a uniform rate.

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yes this is the one of the basic thing we have been looking for. with out this we face lot of limitation .so far we didn't start the store. most of our competitors has got shipping rate calculator based on the pin no. if you have city specific rate this will be more advanced and convenient for customers(they wont be not tired selecting the pin etc) i am sure this addition will bring you more clients. in fact before we decide to open  account with you, we asked about this option to account manager. he said it is on the way.


Thank you for your valuable feedback.This Feature Request has already been planned but has been deferred and should be implemented in the updates to come in a couple of months. 

Thank You!  

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Team Zepo.

This is what we are looking for.Can you tell us.When it will be launched..?

I have been looking for this feature from so many days.Can you say when it wil be ready.?


The technical team is already working on this feature.We will definitely notify you as soon as I get the release dates of this feature from the technical team.

Thank You.

Best regards,

Team Zepo.

Desperately waiting for this feature to get implemented. Business getting restricted/hampered without this. Please do not delay any further.


This feature is urgently needed. The shipping rates have to be in sink with the market realities. We cannot charge uniform shipping rates for all locations. Please look into the matter

Hi Soumi,

We have currently kept this feature on hold.We will notify you as soon as this feature is taken into consideration.

Thank you.

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