Add to cart option with Drop Down specification


I wish to add add to cart option on my product images. 

Add to cart option by default takes 1st product enlisted in catalog which is not every-time requirement of customer.

Price should be linked with specification that gets changed when the other option is selected. 

I had a call with the technical support personal of Zepo and he said that the feature will be activated by the end of August. I am expecting it to be ASAP.

The customers of nashtabazaar needs to have such a basic feature as every-time customer don't want to go to product detail page and select and then come back again to home page and again go to another product detail page. It is a basic requirement/feature for which I am wishing. I can show that such feature is available to all the websites which sells the similar kind of products. 

One of my customer had to open 6 tabs to order 6 different products and then he closed all tabs after adding to cart and unfortunately his cart had only 1 product . So in short he wasted his time on my website and told me such a interface is worst for the customer. 

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